//Factors Influencing Trust of Teachers Among Adolescents

Factors Influencing Trust of Teachers Among Adolescents

Sri Kurnianingsih
Kwartarini Wahyu Yuniarti
Faculty of Psychology –Gadjah Mada University


In Indonesia, Ki Hajar Dewantoro is one of most respected scholars in education philosophy. He stated the importance of trust earned by teachers in guiding students in their learning activities. The teacher, as the leader in the class, needs to develop mutual trust between students and the teachers. Trust to teachers is strongly required by students as a foundation in developing and expanding their relationship and also social network. It is also the fundamental element in their desire to pursue higher education, for it is only through a sense of trust that student will embrace an empowering sense of freedom and pursuit of knowledge. The exercise of this freedom requires a risk on behalf students based on the trust of their teachers and the learning experience that they provide. If students trust their teacher, they will be more able to focus on the task at hand and to work and learn more effectively. A total of 291 senior high schools in Yogyakarta (males=147, females=144) completed an open-ended questionnaire developed by (Kim, 2008) that asks how much they trust their teachers and the reason why they trust their teachers. The data was analyzed using indigenous psychological approach of analyzing the content of open-ended responses, categorization of the responses and cross-tabulating with background information. Results indicated that 63% of participants stated that that they trusted their teachers. The main reason for trusting their teachers are as follows: they are perceived as being similar to their parents, teachers’ ability in transferring knowledge, the relationship with teacher, and their abilities of guiding students.

Key word: trust, high school students, teachers

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