//Futuristic Goals of Students With Different Social Economic Status

Futuristic Goals of Students With Different Social Economic Status

Candra Indraswari1, Asmadi Alsa1, Muhamad Taqiyudin1, Kwartirini W. Yuniarti1, Uichol Kim 2



The aim of this research was to identify students’ futuristic goals based on the social economic status of their families. There were 248 middle school students (118 males and 130 females) participated in this study. Open ended questionaire was used in the survey. Futuristic goal is something that they would like to achieve in the future. The data were categorized and analyzed. There were four themes on goals, namely: (1) good subjective well being, (2) having professional skills, (3) helping others and (4) entrepreneurship. Demographically, the study covered about 31% of students with below average of familie’s standard of living, 25,40% of students with average income families, 4% of students with income low families, and 2,40% of students with somewhat rich families, they have mentioned (62,90%). Following this theme of (1) professional skills are (62,90%), (2) helping others are (17,34%), (3) good subjective will being are (12,50%), (4) entrepreneurship (4,03%). Results indicate that most of the students with somewhat rich family has professional skills because future description for them is more likely to be in professional work. In Indonesia someone who has professional work, they de nitely has high appreciation in society. These ndings, however, will be explored further in group discussion to con rm and getting more understanding on the data.

Keywords: futuristic goals, family standard’s of living.

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