//Relationship between Emotional Intelligence among Adolescent Junior High School Students with The Tendency of Bullying at School

Relationship between Emotional Intelligence among Adolescent Junior High School Students with The Tendency of Bullying at School

Dera Andhika Duana

Schools until universities are a place to acquire education, because in the school itself there are several basic forms of the general educational experience, which are the development of behaviors and normal habits, the stimulation of a child’s potentials, developments from the general skills and capabilities, learning together with their groups of peers, and learning self-control for the betterment of other people (gerungan, 2004). every education is expected to help the children to be better in preparing the students for their lives. because every phase of education is a stage of skill development and human behaviors which are also a process of facilitating almost all the experience of a lifetime (tardif, 1987 in syah, 2005).

However recently, there are a huge number of cases happening in the school environment itself. according to the statement of the national minister of education; bambangsudibyo in the seminar “bullying: problems hidden in the indonesian world of education” in Jakarta, april 29th 2006 quoted from the Kompas newspaper, mei 1st, 2006 (astuti, 2008). the facts from the research data fromyayasansejiwa, 2006 (sejiwa, 2008) regarding several newspapers which informs the numbers of suicidal cases in children and adolescents between the year 2002 – 2005, there are around ve cases of actualized or

Attempts of suicide because they became a victim of bullying. according to the research of RatnaJuwita, a psychologist from university of indonesia, who conducted a survey in three cities regarding the idea of bullying at school. yogyakarta reports the highest number of bullying cases compared to Jakarta and surabaya. it was discovered that the cases of bullying reaches 70.65 % in Junior high school and senior high school in yogyakarta whose causes have not been understood (http:// www.ham.go.id/index.php?option=com_ content&view=article&id=393%3a kekerasan-di-sekolah-yogya-paling- tinggi&itemid=151, 14/10/2009). even in schools who have become role models such as in stpdn, there are reports of death casesincludingwahyuhidayat, a student of SekolahTinggiPemerintahanDalamNegeri in the year 2003, caused by being abused by his college peers whichbecomes an access of physical violence which stems from the act of bullying (sejiwa, 2008). Bullying is a phenomenon in the education world which is hidden inside the school.

The results of this research shows that there is a relationship between emotional intelligence of adolescent junior high school students with the tendency to conduct bullying at school based on the correlation coef cient (r) = -0.203 with p = 0.025 (p<0.05) therefore the hypothesis being proposed has been accepted. emotional intelligence gives a contribution as much as 4.1% in predicting the tendency to conduct bullyingamong adolescent junior high school students. a small yet effective contribution is very possibly caused by the uses of a measurement tool which has the tendency for faking good or social desirability among the subjects. generally the subjects involved in this research have the medium tendency to conduct bullying. there is a certain weakness in the bullying tendency scales that is the presence of a missing indicator caused by the small number of items the researchers provide.

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