//Student Achievement Observed by Sex, The Source of Support, & The Form of Support

Student Achievement Observed by Sex, The Source of Support, & The Form of Support

Fitriana Budiarti, Helly Prajitno Soetjipto, Sri Kurnianingsih, Uichol Kim

Indicators of a country’s development can be measured by, among others, its students’ academic achievements (Kim & Park, 2005). Therefore, it is logical if every country attempts very hard to boost its students’ achievements by improving its quality of education. In the Eastern society, students’ achievements depend on parent and family support. This research aims to discover the kinds of most encouraging achievements and the form of supports that in uence those achievements. In Java, 472 senior high school students (male= 54, female= 3 8) completed open-ended questioners developed by (Kim, 2008), which ask about what kind of achievements make them most proud, who give biggest support in obtaining those achievement and what kind of support they get. This research uses the indigenous psychological approach in analyzing subjects’ responses, categorizing those responses and cross-tabulating the result using background information. The result of this research suggests that the most prideful achievement is academic achievement (54.6 %). And parents are those who provide largest supports in attaining those achievements (60. %). The most dominant kind of supports is the emotional support (43.3 %).

Key words: parental support, achievement

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